• Picture of the ss 647 Fondo Valle del Biferno road in Molise

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Our Company

We have deep roots in Italy's history and the vast experience we have in road management helps us face the future with enthusiasm and confidence. Our history goes back to 1928: a journey that has marked the most important stages of our country's social end economic growth, while uniting its territories.

Our strength is based on over 90 years of experience managing approximately 30,000 kms of national motorways and roads, on our team of over 6,000 managers and employees and on our innovative approach to technologies, which is part of our DNA.

Our activities

Anas manages Italy's national roads and motorways, and is responsible for all of the activities this implies, from their design, including feasibility studies and environmental impact assessments, to their construction and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.


About us

We are an efficient, innovative and transparent industrial player, that operates at a national and international level.

Governance and transparency

Our regulatory system and internal organization are designed to achieve our goals effectively and to further ensure transparency and the traceability of all our activities.