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Our Suppliers


Working with Anas means becoming partners of a large company, with a 5 year 33 billion euro investment plan, whose activities ensure that the roads and motorways we manage become ever-increasingly safe and efficient in order to strengthen our country’s strategic infrastructure, improve access to urban centres and upgrade and develop intermodal connections.

Anas follows a policy based on maximum transparency and impartiality, dealing with suppliers who must be able to meet our needs, apply the best organisational methods, while adopting high safety and environmental protection standards.

In the last years we have created a new suppliers list and a procurement portal for online tenders. Anas uses a Supplier Procurement Portal for online management of supplier relations for the supply of services and goods and the execution of works, in compliance with all current laws relating to public procurement contracts.

To become a suplier the first step is to complete and submit  - completely free of charge - the online Supplier Registration Form through our Procurement Portal. After an detailed evaluation and selection process, suppliers that meet our corporate procurement requirements will be registered as Qualified Suppliers. Based on a rotation system, and the principles of  transparency, competence and territorial presence, qualified suppliers will then be invited to take part in single bids: these negotiated procedure without prior publication of a tender notice assign contracts for the execution of works, for the supply of goods and services, or for professional consultanting services.

The use of an e-procurement system through our Supplier Procurement Portal guarantees respect of the principles of  timeliness, transparency and fair, free competition in the choice of the contractor, and enables an improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of our procurement processes. Also in the "Restricted Area" complete documentation is available for tender commissioners and the business and economic operators who take part of a bid to ensure a transparent and fair tendering process, in all of its stages.

Our public tender procedures for the execution of work and the supply of services and goods are also managed with our e-procurement system.

The Procurement Portal we adopted is based on a platform with the highest technological standards to guarantee the security and confidentiality of data and transactions.

To become a supplier for Anas submit your online registration form.

Click here to access Anas' Procurement Portal  that ensures equal opportunities in our procurement procedures.

We also have adopted the Portal 4clegal platform for the evaluation and selection of the best supporting professionals (lawyers, doctors and other consultants) to cooperate with us to protect our company’s interests. The registration process for suppliers in these fields is also managed through this platform.

For information on our public tender calls (including information on closed calls) and our notices on current negotiated procedures please visit the following link.

To learn more about our electronic invoicing please click here.