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TLC and technological services

We are always ready to respond to customer needs with an innovative approach, placing ourselves on the market as a new player in the development and management of systems that incorporate the latest technological advancements in our sector.

The modernisation of our road network entails many activities that involve communication networks, ITS (Intelligent Transport System) and, more in general, the research and development of innovative systems and services that can provide "added-value" to managing the ever-growing demand for mobility and safety. 

The new "Convention" model we have adopted for the underground installation of fibre-optic cable for high-speed communications networks on our roads goes in this direction. This Conventon model complies with current legislation and regulations and guarantees simpler and faster "authorization procedures" for operators in this field of business.

Our new Convention model also states that Anas can build and install the needed infrastructure for high-speed communications networks, providing its technical competence and know-how, while contributing to reduce the “digital divide” throughout the country, in accordance with our government's Strategic Plan for the rapid development of ultra-wideband technology.

The services Anas offers business customers and local authorities include the development and supply of new approaches and technologies that meet the challenges of surface transportation.The introduction of ITS applications has already contributed to the mitigation of traffic problems but there still are many challenges that could benefit from the application of ITS in areas such as traffic monitoring and the surveillance of exceptional transport operations or the transport of hazardous goods.

Who to contact

If you need further information or have suggestions please contact:

Anas S.p.A.
Direzione Commerciale – Impianti e Servizi Tecnologici
Via Pianciani, 16
00185 Roma

In case of tender competitions issued by third parties,  Anas looks for potential experienced partners in "temporary associations of companies" (ATI) or other forms of cooperation, to maximize the chances of winning the bidding process.

Potential partners interested in working with Anas in a "temporary association of companies" or other forms of cooperation can express their interest by sending an email to, enclosing information on their previous experiences, their business proposition and the "added value" they can offer Anas in a partenrship for a specific tender. These documents must arrive at leat 30 days before the deadline for the tender (or other specified deadline).

For other forms of assistance please contact our Customer care at the toll free number 800 841 148 or by sending an email to or