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To connect means to "bring together", uniting distant objects.

It is not a coincidence that in the Italian language the verb "connect" is used in a figurative manner also as a synonym of verbs such as think and reason, referring to this word's capability to connect distant things and concepts. Where there is the possibility to "connect", something new is always created. And all of this is possible when a distance, "physical" or "conceptual", is cancelled.

What are roads, if not a way to cancel distances, connecting territories, people and ideas?

Anas manages the national road and motorway network in Italy, putting people, companies, communities and territories in contact. This role and responsibility translate into our widespread presence throughout Italy, with over 6,000 employees, and hunderds of suppliers that work for our network of over 30,000 kms: a well-branched "circulatory" apparatus that "runs" through the country's territory bringing connections and growth opportunities all over Italy.

Since its foundation, our company has played a leading role in Italy's industrial, economic and social development and will continue to do so in the future in view of the growing importance of road infrastructure connectivity.




Anas tra passato e futuro

Ethics, honesty and fairness: these are the three key principles that inspire our activities, and ensure compliance with other priciples such as legality, equality, loyalty, cooperation and the respect for human dignity. 

Our attention towards our social, ethical and environmental responsibilities allows us to define our commitment areas and to assess our results, while promoting the protection of people and of resources, therefore increasing the mutual trust between our company and the general collectivity.

Our "work culture" is based on the creation of a "virtuous circle" founded on our guiding principles and defines our management procedures, organisation, and communication activities, in and out of the company. Every day each one of us is called upon to confirm our commitment towards colleagues, co-workers, consultants, shareholders, customers, partners, suppliers, institutions, and the general collectivity. We also expect our values to be embraced by anyone who has an interests in our activities or works with us. That is why our Code of Ethics (in Italian), which was updated in July 2018,  is an integral part of our work culture and anyone who interacts with our company is held to comply to its provisions.

Our Service Charter (in Italian) is another important tool that allows us to communicate with our customers in a transparent way by offering a description of the services and activities we perform, as well as information on our qualitative standards, strategic policies and programmatic commitments for an ever-increasingly safe and efficient road network.

A third instrument that has played a crucial role in developing our work culture is our Charter of Values  (in Italian) that reflects our guiding principles and helps employees and external contacts understand our company and its behavioral standards and references.