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Special Transport: TEWeb

The Exceptional transport sector is one of our principal areas of attention in order to provide quality services to operators. 

To simplify procedures and make things easier for customers who are connected to internet we have developed TEWeb, our “Exceptional Transport" Web portal. This platform is dedicated to handling "requests for road access authorizations" by exceptional vehicles and loads, i.e., all those vehicles or transport loads that exceed the weight or size limits outlined by Italian traffic laws and regulations.

Transport companies, exceptional vehicle owners, administrative consultants, trade associations, etc. can submit a "Request for Authorization" through the TEWeb Platform simply by registering and obtaining an ID and password to access the "personal area".

In this area, registered clients can check all payments made and download their invoices.

Management of the entire "authorization process" through TEWeb ensures better monitoring of the various stages of each procedure, which therefore become more transparent, easier to track and  are always available online.

The "open access area" of our TEWEB platform also contains other useful information for customers: the offices to contact for information and support while submitting requests, answers to frequently asked questions, forms, relevant ordinances restricting transit of exceptional vehicles and loads etc.

We also have developed a new application, the TEWEB APP for Android and iOS mobile devices.

This new App allows a driver to write annotations on the date and time each journey began for single and multiple authorizations (issued in a digital format) for which the transport company - or the agency that issued each authorization - previously sent a "transit notice" through TEWEB.

We suggest you read this introductory document on our TEWeb platform: 

Introduction and requirements (in Italian)

The following documents are available in Italian -

to start the procedure on our TEWeb platform; 

for an updated list of costs and issuance expenses;

our Data protection Notice TEWeb APP for authorized Exceptional Transport operations;

to Verifiy an authorization's authenticity  for Exceptional Transport operations.

For more information on our TEWeb platform, you can also consult our Q&A page.

For further assistance please contact us at the following e-mail: serviziotrasportieccezionali@stradeanas.it