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Service Areas



We aim to guarantee excellent services to the customers of theService Areas situated on the motorways and motorway links we directly manage, through the concessionaires that deliver these services.

There are a total of 54 service areas (in Italian) on the motorways and motorway links we manage: of these 41 are assigned under concession and 13 under an authorization system (pursuant to Article 24 of the Highway Code).

The services ("oil" and "non oil" - fuel distribution, catering and bar) offered in our service stations are granted under a concession contract that is awarded through public tender procedures according to the Italian Code of Public Procurement and Concessions (Article 164 of Legislative Decree No. 50/16).  A Service Agreement disciplines relations between Anas and the Concessionaire company and sets out the rights and obligations of participants.The "fuel service" and "catering service" Concessionaries then pay Anas a fee based on fixed royalties and/or proportionate to sale volumes achieved. 

In general the Concessionaires companies that operate in our service stations are responsible for services such as: refuling; bar, restaurant and market; cleaning and maintenance of restrooms commercial areas, rest areas, greenery and parking lots; traffic and safety within each Service Area. Click here  to discover which services are available.

Also on the webiste of the Ministry for Economic Development, in the Portal on Fuel Observation, the list of fuel prices in all of Italy's service areas is available - https://carburanti.sviluppoeconomico.gov.it/OssPrezziSearch/



In a planned and constant manner we check the Service Areas on the motorways that we manage directly 

These inspections are meant to verify the general state of facilities and the services delivered by the Concessionaries responsible for fuel distribution services and catering services.

The services and activities subject to biweekly checks by our technicians are: paving conditions; square cleansiness; restroom conditions; green works; other general aspects on safety and comfort.

In addition to the inspections relating to the overall state of facilities, whose maintenance is contractually assigned to our Concessionaires, we also verify compliance with other contractual obligations on behalf of our licensed Concessionaires.

In particular, at least twice a year, we ascertain the treatment and levels of services provided to customers, paying attention:

- to the conformity of the commercial activities carried out with respect to the contract, the transparency of prices, the presence of personnel and opening hours;

- to the conditions of the areas for catering, parking, camper-service, as well as the functionality of systems and furnishings.

During these inspections if Anas discovers shortcomings or inefficiencies, we use appropriate means of action to eliminate these problems with adequate corrective measures and/or by applying the related penalties when warranted by the Service Agreement.


Our objective is to enhance our Service Areas by identifying, promoting and verifying the feasability of new projects and improvement plans.

In line with the provisions of the "Restructuring plan for the service areas network on the highway site" (Decreto Interministeriale  August 7 2015), we are working on an investment plan to modernise our Service Areas, whose development is tightly connected to our program to grant new service concessions.