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Licences and concessions

Our principal responsibility is to guarantee road and traffic safety, the protection of our road infrastructure and the ehnhancement of our assets.  

The ordinary use of our roads is free of charge and is not subject to any kind of administrative act or authorization.

This, however, does not apply to certain kind of  "uses" or, in particular, to exceptional cases that require preliminary measures by competent authorities. These measures can be a licenses or a concessions (permits).

Licenses are administrative acts that, by removing an obstacle, make it possible to exercise a right or a power that already is held by the applicant. Concessions, on the other hand, grant new powers and new rights and thus expand the "applicants" legal sphere of influence. The concessions granted by Anas are of the type that jurisprudence considers as “constituent”: these tend to grant the applicant permission to use and occupy public lands for a purpose other than that for which these state-owned lands were directly intended.

Licenses and concessions issued by Anas can be summarized in acts that, under the Highway Code (Italian Legislative Decree no. 285/92) and its Implementing Regulation (Italian Presidential Decree no. 495/92) .allow and, when applicable, regulate:

  • intersections (at level or staggered level) of national roads with municipal, provincial, regional roads or streets of public use;
  • crossings — longitudinal and transverse, overhead or underground — of national roads by railroads, canals, aqueducts, drainage networks, gas pipelines, power lines, telephone and telecommunications cables (TLC networks in general) etc.;
  • opening of a vehicular or pedestrian access from a road we manage to farms, residential homes and commercial and industrial facilities;
  • opening of an access to automatic fuel distribution facilities (liquid and/or gas) located beside a national road;
  • issuing of provisions to grant requests for waivers, pursuant to art. 2.1.07, par. d) of the Ministerial Decree for Public Works n. 449/88, for the installation or remote maintenance of overhead power line supports, whose distance from a roadway's belt is not compliant to regular standards (when these fall within areas with construction constraints that protect the roadway's belt - Law n. 45/85 , art. 32 as amended);
  • issuing of an opinion on granting an amnesty for buildings located at a "non-compliant" distance from the border of a road's property (when these fall within areas with construction constraints that protect the roadway's belt  -Law n. 45/85, art. 32 as amended).

Granting of licenses and concessions involves the payment of a fee — the calculation criteria and quantification methods adopted are available in the "special annual rates and fees adjustment provisions" which published in the Italian Official Gazette.

You can find more detailed information here (in Italian) on:

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