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One of our areas of business regards the installation of advertising billboards along or in sight of the roads we manage. 

Outside of town centres , the placement of billboards and other forms of advertising along or in sight of our roads, and within the service stations on our roads and motorways network, is subject to Anas' authorization, as outlined in the Highway Code and its implementing and enforcement regulations.

Within town centres, these authorisations fall under the competence of Municipalities — but in the case of a national, regional or provincial road (art. 23, paragraph 4, of the Italian Highway Code) then a prior “technical approval” (a sort of certificate of no impediment)  must be granted by the roads' manager or owner.

When signs and other advertising media on a road are visible from another road, owned by a different party, authorization is subject to having received clearance from the latter. Also when visible from our roads, signs and other forms of advertising located along railways are subject to the provisions of art. 23 of the Highway Code and placement is authorised by Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, but only after having received permission from Anas (art. 23, paragraph 5 of the HC).

Advertising on our road network is always subject to the payment of a fee which is calculated according to the rates we apply and publish in the Italian Official Gazette - Announcement Sheet - Part II.

This and other documents can be consulted by clicking here (in Italian).

Permits to install billboards, signs and other forms of advertising have a three-year duration and may be renewed; to this purpose, and in accordance with paragraph 5 of article 27 of the HC, conditions and technical or administrative requirements are indicated in the permit itself.

Prospective customers wishing to install advertising signs, or existing customers who wish to renew their permits, can download the forms to request these authorizzations by clicking here.