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Our Services

The satisfaction and safety of our customers are the highest expressions of Anas’ values and represent an area of business of great strategic relevance. This is the reason we are dedicated to providing the best Quality and Service to meet our customers’ needs. Every day we are committed to all those people who use our network for business, but also to all of those who live or have their business near our roads and motorways.

In order to satisfy our customers we pursue the ongoing development of our services and we do so efficiently, diligently and effectively. To improve the services we provide we also promote the participation of our customers - both individually and in association with others- and implement forms of cooperation focused on service evaluations. To this end each customer may contact our company’s organisation to report findings, produce documents or notes, and make comments or suggestions.

From exceptional transport operations, to the installation of road advertisign billboards, the opening of a service area or of a driveway, we provide specific authorizations and licenses to economic operators and individuals that require these permissions on our network. We also offer other companies the possibility to test specific construction materials through our laboratories at the Cesano Research Centre (CRC).

To determine the cost of some of the services we provide, for each road on our network we have determined the so-called "Ki coefficients" (with a value ranging from 1 to 5) that reflect its "importance". This coefficient often varies for each road, according to the specific characteristics of  its various "sections". Variables that are considered to determine a road sections importance are, for example, its proximity to an urban center or the average flow of traffic.