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Our motorways

We manage approximately 1,700 kms of motorways (toll free and toll) in Italy, some through our subsidiary companies.


Motorways we manage directly

Our motorway network includes more than 1,300 km of toll free motorways and ring road motorway links that we manage directly



A2  Autostrada del Mediterraneo 432,200 kms
A2 DIR NA A2 Diramazione Napoli 2,335 kms
A2 DIR RC A2 Diramazione Reggio Calabria 9,048 kms
A18 DIR A18 Diramazione di Catania 3,700 kms
A19 Palermo - Catania 191,643 kms
A19 DIR Diramazione per via Giafar 5,200 kms
A29 Palermo - Mazara del Vallo 114,800 kms
A29 DIR Alcamo - Trapani 36,900 kms
A29 DIR/A Diramazione per Birgi 13,100 kms
A29 RACC  Diramazione per Punta Raisi 4,000 kms
A29 RACC BIS Raccordo per via Belgio 5,600 kms
A90  Grande Raccordo Anulare di Roma 68,223 kms
A91 Roma - Aeroporto di Fiumicino 17,363 kms
  Catania - Siracusa 25,142 kms
  Sistiana - Rabuiese 10,100 kms
Total   939,354 kms


Ring Road Motorway links
R.A. 2 Raccordo Autostradale di Avellino 22,012 kms
R.A. 3 Raccordo Autostradale Siena - Firenze 56,360 kms
R.A. 4 Raccordo Autostradale di Reggio Calabria 5,615 kms
R.A. 5 Raccordo Autostradale Scalo Sicignano - Potenza 51,500 kms
R.A. 6 Raccordo Autostradale Bettolle - Perugia 58,470 kms
R.A. 8 Raccordo Autostradale Ferrara - Porto Garibaldi 49,282 kms
R.A. 9 Raccordo Autostradale di Benevento 12,745 kms
R.A. 10 Raccordo Autostradale Torino - Aeroporto di Caselle 10,650 kms
R.A. 11 Raccordo Autostradale Ascoli - Porto d'Ascoli 26,300 kms
R.A. 12 Raccordo Autostradale Chieti - Pescara 14,700 kms
R.A. 13 Raccordo Autostradale A/4 - Trieste 21,411 kms
R.A. 14 Raccordo Autostradale A/4 -Trieste - Diramazione per Fernetti 2,056 kms
R.A. 15 Tangenziale Ovest di Catania 24,000 kms
Total   355,101 kms


Subsidiary companies: toll motorways       

We manage over 400 kms of "toll motorways" in Italy and abroad, through some of our subsidiary companies:

- over 200 kms of toll motorways in Italy are managed through CAV S.p.A. and SITAF S.p.A.;

- over 200 kms of toll motorways in Russia are managed through Anas International Enterprise S.p.A. (AIE).


Concessioni Autostradali Venete S.p.A. (CAV)

Concessioni Autostradali Venete S.p.A. (CAV) was founded on 1 March 2008 and is owned in equal parts by Anas and the Veneto Region.

It has managed the Passante di Mestre, which is 32,3 km’s long, since it opened on 8 February 2009. Starting from 1 December 2009 it also manages some sections of motorways whose concession had previously been held by Autostrade di Venezia e Padova: a section of the A4 motorway (from Padova to Mestre), The Marco Polo motorway junction and Mestre’s Tangeziale Ovest.

More information is available at the following link - https://www.cavspa.it/


Società Italiana per il Traforo Autostradale del Frejus S.p.A. (SITAF)

The Società Italiana per il Traforo Autostradale del Frejus S.p.A. (SITAF) was founded on 29 October 1960 on the initiative of the city of Turin’s Chamber of Commerce,  Industrial Union, primary Insurance companies and banks, the Province of Turin and the Municipality of Turin.

SITAF is the concessionaire company for the construction and management of the Frejus Tunnel (T4) and the Torino-Bardonecchia motorway (A32) until 2050, as defined by the International Convention between Italy and France that was signed on 23 February 1973 and further government measures.

More information is available at - http://www.sitaf.it/


Abroad: Anas International Enterprise 


We work in Russia through Anas International Enterprise. At the moment our activities in Russia are focused on modernising and implementing new technologies on a segment of the motorway between Rostov near the Don River and Krasnodar (228 kms), which is part of the M4 motorway that connects Moscow to Novorossiysk.

This motorway, which already is in service, has been modernised and equipped with new technological systems. We also have planned extraordinary maintenance works (guard rails, anti-nose barriers, pedestrian overpasses), the construction of toll barriers and the development of an ITS system. Our contract also includes Operation & Maintenance works and the management of tolls from 2018 until 2030.

You can find out more about AIE's activities at - www.anasinternational.com


Motorway concessions 

Since 1 October 2012 we do not grant motorway concessions anymore. Activities such as the technical control on the execution of road works that are granted under concessions and surveillance on the management of these motorways have been transferred to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, according to art. 36 of the D.L. n. 98/2011, signed into L. n. 111/2011 and art. 11, comma 5, D.L. n. 216/2011, signed into L. n. 14/2012 and similar laws.