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Quality Certification

Quality is our responsibility and commitment. We constantly work to improve our company's standards to satisfy our stakeholders.

In Anas we emphasize the importance of quality in every aspect of our business. This originates from our uncompromising commitment to achieve excellence in our daily activities and customer satisfaction. It is therefore the duty of our managers and each and every employee to work in order to ensure that our company's objectives are challenging and pursued with the utmost commitment and care.

Our company policy demonstrates our dedication to finding a way to guarantee the "right to mobility" in the best of ways, in order to satisfy our internal and external customers. The underlying basic principles of our corporate policy are:

  • the ongoing improvement of our activities, through the design and implementation of innovative products and services, in compliance with current standards and our quality management system, considering the cost-benefit ratio and placing customer protection first; 
  • the ability to meet customer satisfaction, also by measuring our request response time and checking the quality and quantity of provided information.

Our single Quality Management System is compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001/2008 (certified in October 2012). This allows us to constantly improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of our internal production processes and, consequently, of our services to customers.  

Our business and work process are subject to external audits, in order to verify operative and productive aspects of our activities, in line with our strong will to make quality an integral part of our work culture. In the last years we have grown enormously from this point of view and we are among Europe’s first companies in road management.




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