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International activities

Anas is a worldwide leader in road design, planning and management.

Thanks to the substantial experience accrued in over 90 years and the skill of our personnel, we have expanded our range of services, providing support to public entities and spurring roadway design, construction and maintenance – in many foreign markets through Anas International Enterprise (AIE).

Thanks to our long experience in road and highway management, in a country that is quite complex from a geological point of view, in 2005 we began offering our "know how" to competent public entities and road agencies abroad and to serve as advisor or partner in the planning, design, maintenance, surveillance and control of road and highway networks.

For many years we have been awarded competitive contracts in foreign markets and in 2012 Anas International Enterprise was established in order to manage these activities.

An example of AIE's business is the framework agreement signed with Iran in 2016 that entrusts this company with the construction and management of a new 1,200 km motorway in Iran, for a total investment of 3,6 billion euro.

ANAS International Enterprise's goal is to continue providing its highly-qualified engineering services at a world wide level, in order to contribute to the global development of road transport infrastructure, help raise quality and safety standards and become an important reference point for other road operators and management companies.

More in detail, the technical services we deliver to other administrations and road agencies at an international level include:

  • integrated services: highly qualified engineering services, financial and economic advisory and planning, legal and administrative services for clients in order to help them participate in international calls for tender;
  • research projects: research and experimental tests are developed through our participation in European Union funding programmes and the engagement of our Cesano Research Center and its highly specialised laboratories;
  • training and education: one of our business areas concerns the definition of specific "training programmes" for our international clients and the organisation of professional courses on the management of road and motorway systems.

To visit Anas International Enterprise's website click here.

In every sense roads are our business and our passion. This is why we cooperate and work with universities, international organisations, institutions and research centers in order to promote research & innovation in the road industry. We also cooperate with important international associations in our sector of business such as: 


The World Road Association (AIPC/PIARC) was founded in Paris in 1909. Its goal was to represent road organisations from all over the world in order to promote progress in the road industry. The Italian Government joined AIPCR in 1913 and today over 120 Governments are members.  

This is a nonpolitical and non-profit entity that fosters and facilitates global discussion and knowledge sharing on roads and road transport policies and practices within an integrated sustainable transport context.

PIARC involves its members by:

  • serving as a forum for analysis and discussion of the full spectrum of transport issues, relating to roads and transport;
  • identifying, developing and disseminating best practice and offering access to international information;
  • fully considering the needs of developing countries and countries that are in a transition phase;
  • developing and promoting efficient tools for decision making on issues that regard roads and road transport.

  To know more, hereyou can visit the Italian website ( AIPCR) or the World Road Association's international website (PIARC)


Anas is member of the Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR).

CEDR is the Road Directors’ "forum" and it promotes cooperation between countries and the improvement of road systems and infrastructure in Europe in order to endorse a sustainable transport system. Its members represent their respective national road authorities or equivalents and provide support and advice on decisions that regard the road transport system at a national or international level.

CEDR's strategic goals are to:

  • contribute to the development of road systems that are integrated in a sustainable transport system at a social, economic and environmental level;
  • help members keep ahead of the curve, anticipate future trends and face new challenges, also by promoting a continuous exchange of information between countries and offering a common platform to face strategic issues for the road sector;
  • reinforce its members role as key providers of efficient and seamless mobility from an end user perspective within the transport system;
  • facilitate and optimize the efficient use of resources, making the best use of the existing infrastructure;
  • improve the safety and sustainability of roads, and reduce their environmental impact and carbon footprint.