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Celebrating 90 years

1928-2018: 90 years of Anas

We have been travelling with you since 1928, accompanying our country's development even from a social end economic perspective.

90 years of history, at our country's service, as we grow and face new challenges in terms of technological innovations, especially now that we are part of the infrastructural and transport pole represented by Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group. 

This is the framework in which we celebrated our 90th anniversary, since Anas was founded on May 17 1928 with law n.1094 under the name of "A.A.S.S.-Azienda Autonoma Statale della Strada".

Our heritage is the reason we chose to celebrate our company in 2018 and tell our "story", which also is the "story" of every Italian. 

Celebrations began on January 22  2018 at the Quirinale during a meeting with Italy's President, Sergio Mattarella.



Da 90 anni uniamo l’Italia” (“For 90 years we have been connecting Italy”) is the claim we chose for our 2018 institutional campaign on our 90th anniversary. 

Anas strongly contributes to the growth, development, progress and future of our country. Since 1928 the national road and motorway network we manage has made many things possible: new meetings, exchanges, sharing experiences, relations, forms of cooperation and all of this has promoted a new and common "culture".

Our 90th Anniversary represented a chance for all of us to celebrate and share our heritage and strategic role with our stakeholders, while looking into the future.

From a visual point of view, this message was represented by an oblique line and two curves that intersect with each other and form a square, where from a semiotic point of view, a road networks " junction" forms and contains the number "90".


The meeting with Italy’s President at the Quirinale marked the opening of a broad agenda of events and initiatives in 2018 aimed at telling our story and explaining our role and new mission within the Ferrovie dello Stato Group.

The agenda for our 90th Anniversary focused on a series of events and cultural projects that enhanced our company's growth over the years, while emphasizing Anas' role in “connecting” generations, places and people over time, ever since its foundation.

Here below is a brief presentation of some of the events and projects that took place during these celebrations.


Master in journalism “Connettere l’Italia”

Media are very important partners for us as they are the "main players" that tell our country’s story. In collaboration with the "Centro di Documentazione Giornalistica", with the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Infrastrucures and Transport, we organized a qualifying course for journalists entitled “Connettere l’Italia” which was structured in 4 meetings.

The first three appointments were held in Rome on 15 November 2017, 10 January 2018 and 18 April 2018, and respectively focused on: "Perspectives, procedures e laws in transport infrastructure: concepts and tools to interpret an economic sector that is becoming very strategic" , “Emergencies and infrastructure: how to manage crisis', from earthquakes to natural disasters” and "The Public Procurement Code: the approval process for an infrastructure". The last appointment was held on 21 November 2018 and focised on "Infrastructure Maintenance: an investment that does not attract attention but is of great strategic value for the country".


MuViAs, Anas' Virtual Museum 

Celebrations for our "90 years" also represented an opportunity to go live with MuViAs, Anas' virtual museum, a dynamic web space that illustrates our country's history by describing our company’s advancements and achievements over the years: Italy's social and economic growth went hand-in-hand with the development of its road infrastructure. This Virtual museum is the result of our cooperation with ITABC CNR (lstituto per le tecnologie applicate ai beni culturali) and it gathers historic contributions from many private and public operators, acting as an "aggregator" of the images we received and classified in our dedicated database according to 2 criteria: the images year and theme. To find out more about MuViAs please visit -  www.muvias.it


Rai Storia: the documentary

In cooperation with Rai Storia a documentary was produced to explains how Italy became a modern and industrialized country in the past century and how society gradually evolved as modern transport infrastructure developed. Historical videos and interviews with experts in this sector are also part of this documentary.


Sky Sport: “Le Strade della Passione”

In cooperation with SKY we produced a tv program called “le Strade della Passione” with 6 episodes that aired on “Icarus 2.0”, a tv show dedicated to anyone who loves outdoor sports that was broadcast on Sky Sport HD.

This show enhanced the meaning of the term "roads" which was used to indicate “the best way" to follow your passions: great focus was placed on connections between men and sports and mountains and oceans. Six episodes on six famous and fascinating Italian itineraries: the ss38 dello Stelvio, ss51 Alemagna, the Moncenisio/Monginevro roads, ss1 Aurelia, ss Sorrentina-Amalfitana and the ss18 Tirrena inferiore. Each episode's storyline focused on a particular sport (racing, biking, skying etc..) and each road was described considering its particular landscape and geographic, historic, artistic and cultural connotations. 

Episodes aired from February to April 2018 and are availabble on Icarus Sky Sport's channel on You Tube in the "Le Strade della Passione" playlist.


Sant'Egidio Community: "Solidarity Roads"

The Sant'Egidio Community, which was founded in Rome in 1968, is constantly working on assistance programs for the more vulnerable segments of society in Italy and abroad, in over 70 countries. Through our "Solidarity Roads" program we built a "human road" that sustained this Community by volunteering to help serve dinner at the the soup kitchen on via Dandolo, in Trastevere (Rome), on the night of April 6 2018. You can find more information on this community by clicking here - Comunità di Sant'Egidio.


Ansa: fotographic book

Thanks to our close collaboration with ANSA, we also published a photographic book that describes our country’s identity through the events that marked Italy's history and society. A visual story of how Italians, society and the entire country evolved with the development of Italy's transportation infrastructure.  


Commemorative Special Stamp

To celebrate Anas, and its role as one of the main industrial players in Italy’s economic and productive system, at the end of the events and activities organized in 2018 we also issued a commemorative “90 years of Anas” postal stamp. Click here for our press release on this stamp (in Italian).


2018 Roadshow

Our 2018 Roadtrip through Italy was named “Congiunzioni” (Conjunctions). With a customized moving truck we travelled through the country and stopped in 8 cities that played an important role in the development of our country's transportation infrastructure and will continue to do so in the future.

From April to May 2018, our truck drove along a symbolic itinerary, crossing Italy’s main national road network, to contributo to spread a culture on "road safety", promote the development of tourism along our great itineraries, illustrate our activities, achievements and history, and focus on new technologies and future forms of mobility.

Our trip started in Milan, with a cultural event, the “Mi ricordo la strada” exhibition at the Triennale di Milano, and continued through seven other Italian cities. The last stop was in Catania (Sicily) where we hosted “Innovation days”, an event that showed our latest technologies for Smart Roads, with experts that illustrated the latest technological innovations in this field and the incredible results that have been achieved.


To know more about our 2018 Roadshow visit  www.congiunzionianas.it