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Our values

Our numbers and goals

Anas' goal is to ensure our country's "territorial continuity" through the road and motorway network we manage and to make our roads safer and more efficient. In order to achieve these objectives we plan, design, build, safeguard and maintain our road infrastructure network, strongly contributing to Italy's economic growth and development.

To reach our goals we can count on: 

Roads and motorway links-including junctions and slip roads Human Resources Territorial Offices Investments in 5 years
32.395,615  over 6.000 38 36 billion euro


Our commitment - Key Words

Safety, the "quality, accessibility and reliability" of our road infrastructure and of the services we offer and the pursuit of effectiveness and efficiency are the main "key words" that describe our commitment and our efforts in order to reach our goals. These words translate into "concrete" projects and activities, such as our scheduled maintenance program, which is financed with over 10 billion euro until 2020 and calls for specific works for the upgrading of our roads and motorways throughout Italy to ensure safety.


Image on Our Key Areas

Our reference shareholder

Anas manages technical innovations, the design and operation on Italy's national road and motorway network. We also respond to specific calls for tender and provide innovative and professional services abroad through our subsidiary company Anas International Enterprise. As "operators" and managers of Italy's national road and motorway network we guarantee our country's territorial continuity, and therefore are considered a "company of national interest."

Anas is subject to the auditing and technical-operative supervision of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Since January 2018 Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane has become our sole shareholder.

Year Shareholder % Shares
2018 Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane 100%


Responsibility and Charter of Values

Our attention towards social, ethical and environmental responsibility plays a primary role in defining our commitment areas and assessing results, while promoting the protection of road users, road workers and resources and increasing the mutual trust between our company and the community as a whole.

The management of our company is based on the creation of a virtuous circle founded on the principles that guide our decision-making processes, our procedures, the development of our assets and our organizational communication.

Every day each one of us is called upon to confirm his or her commitment before colleagues, co-workers, consultants, shareholders, clients, partners, suppliers, institutions and the collectivity as a whole. We also expect our values to be embraced by all those, who, although not working for our company, have interests in our activities.

The values that guide us are:

  • Honesty and fairness
  • Responsibility and compliance with obligations
  • Merit and equality
  • Customer service
  • Sense of belonging
  • Loyalty and cooperation
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Expertise and professionalism


The internal branding campaign «Our Values»

Our leading values play a primary role in our management strategy that aims at disseminating, sharing and integrating these principles, in order for them to become a “behavioural reference” for everyone,  in line with our corporate mission and identity.

We also "share" these values and principles with our internal and external Stakeholders with posters that are displayed in our corporate office buildings.