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Organizational Structure


In 2015 we began a renewal process of our organisational structure in order to help reach 3 of our Industrial Plan's main objectives: the rationalization of our activities, the improvement of provided services and, in the medium term, financial autonomy.

Also as of October 4, 2016, a new organisational model was adopted for the territorial management of our infrastructure network and assets. This revolutionized our governance model, requalified our territorial activities, guaranteeing high levels of transparency and efficiency.

This new organizational model for territorial management also ensures that our presence throughout the country is more efficient and widespread than before: the national territory has been divided into 8 different Territorial Coordination Centres (Sicily, Sardinia, North-West, North-East, Centre, Adriatic, Tyrrhenian and Calabria) and 23 Regional Offices.

This new system allows more precise control over our road network and ensures more effective "works planning", since it facilitates and stimulates direct cooperation with local authorities and communities, as well as a reliable overview of the country’s transport policies.

Cartina d'Italia indicante i Coordinamenti Territoriali Anas e la loro suddivisione territoriale

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