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Logo and key data

Our new logo maintains a strong bond with our historic one, as it projects itself towards new goals and horizons. Starting from the center of our logo, which represents our clients, a small curve forms:  it is a road, an itinerary, a new direction to follow. We have a dynamic brand, that incorporates a strong sense of movement and modernisation. 

Since January 2018, when Anas joined the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group, our logo has been slightly renewed to outline this important change.

Below you can find our logo files in various formats. These can be downloaded or printed.


Our logo 


Vertical pictogram

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Horizontal pictogram

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Our Key data are the "numbers" that define our company's importance and value, while outlining our development strategies.

These numbers also describe our road and motorway network and the investments that have been planned throughout the entire country. 

Our company's assets - from human capital to real estate - and their value also are part of our key numbers. 

We have gathered these numbers and synthesized them in some useful info-graphics that can be downloaded or printed.




Anas today 

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Road network

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Our numbers

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