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Financial Reports

In 2017 our Group reported a consolidated net profit of 28.1 million euro (1 million for Anas), a consolidated operating income (EBIT) of 99 million euro (15 million for Anas), consolidated revenues reached 2.287 billion euro (2.1 billion for Anas), up by 17% compared to 2016, and production reached 1.3 billion euro.


Net profit Total revenues EBITDA Investments (new roads and maintenance)
€ 28.1 million 2.287 billion  € 99 million € 1.3 billion

Our Financial Statement 2017 confirms Anas net asset value and our ability to generate future income, with stronger key performance indicators, also thanks to operations and reduction of the risk of possible litigation.

In 2017 we approved an articulated 5 year Investment Plan (2016-2020), for a total of 33 billion euro. Most of these funds have already been financed (29 billion euro) through the Program Contract that was approved by the CIPE in the August 2017 session, through further interventions planned in the "Infrastructure Fund" (Fondo per lo sviluppo e la coesione - FSC)  and through investments that are being activated or are currently being made.

Our Multi-year Investment Plan 2016-2020 establishes a substantial injection of resources in our road and motorway infrastructure network. For the most part these investments are aimed at strengthening Italy's strategic road infrastructure, improving access to urban centres and upgrading intermodal connections.

This Multi-year Investment Plan, together with the "Fondo Unico" ( a Fund that concentrates resourced destined to Anas, which previously were scattered in multiple funds and chapters of the State budget), aim to grant more efficiency and certainty to our activities, also in terms of a more timely approval of investment programmes and of greater flexibility and autonomy in the use of funds.

During 2017 the following important results were reached:

- 87 kms of new roads were opened to traffic;

- 2,500 kms of roads were asphalted or recovered;

- 979 million euro is the value of the 450 worksites that carried out extraordinary maintenace works (+20% on 2016);

2.6 billion euro is the value of pubblished tenders. This represents an increase of 13% on 2016 and this valure more than doubled compared with 2015;

- 2,3 billion euro is the value of awarded tenders. A significant increase was registered compared to 2016 ( + 1.1 billion euro);

- approx.1,4 billion euro, the value of signed contracts. This is more than twice the amount registered in 2016;

- over 100 succesfull tenderers were  assigned large scale work. This more than triples the number registered in 2016; 

Our company's positive cash-flow situation and the reduction of our debt have also improved our net financial position, which amounts to 432 milion euro.

The following video (in Italian) produced by Truenumbers, shows how investments in infrastructures contribute to our country's modernisation and growth. 

Anas plays an important role in this process.

The updates to the programme agreement are available on the website www.mit.gov.it



To consult our Financial statements and performance indicators (in Italian) click here.