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Thursday, 14 February, 2019



Quando guidi GUIDAeBASTA (“When you’re driving JUST DRIVE”) is the name of Anas’ main information campaign to promote road safety in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the State Police Department.  

For many years our company has been strongly committed to disseminating a responsible and more positive “road safety culture” through events and campaigns promoted in cooperation with other authorities and media partners. We often launch initiatives aimed at preventing and reducing roadway accidents, and in this context, awareness-raising and public opinion campaigns — mainly on traffic issues and driving safety — especially before periods that are particularly critical for traffic  (e.g. the Summer exodus). Information campaigns are also promoted and sponsored on multiple media (print, radio, television, web).

Our road safety campaigns are used as means of influencing the public to behave more responsibly in traffic. They are an attempt to inform, persuade, and motivate drivers in Italy to change their attitudes and behavior in order to improve road safety for everyone and reduce the number of accidents on roads. Most of all we try to convince people to refrain from hazardous behaviors and to adopt safe ones instead and we won’t stop our campaigns until we see statistics on road accidents seriously drop: our aim is 0 deaths on roads, a European and worldwide target.

The #GUIDAeBASTA campaign was launched by Anas in 2016. The campaign’s claim was “Se non rispondi non muore nessuno. Quando guidi #GUIDAeBASTA” ( If you don’t answer nobody will die. When you’re driving JUST DRIVE) in order to remind everyone that mobile phones and other distractions, while driving, often cause dangerous if not deadly accidents.

Testimonial for this campaign was La Pina, rapper e historical voice of Radio Deejay, our media partner for this initiative. We also developed an App that you can download for Ios and Android, that lets you put your mobile phone on “driving” mode, with the possibility to send a warning message (that you are driving and can’t answer your mobile until you reach destination) to a “favorite” contact group.

In 2017 we launched the “Buonmotivo” (“good reason”) campaign, with a music contest for songs with a message on road safety. The campaign’s testimonial was Francesco Gabbani , a very famous Italian singer, and its claim was:  “We are never alone on roads: there is always a good reason to be responsible”. This campaign focused on the protection of the “weaker “ people on roads such as drivers of powered two-wheelers, cyclists and pedestrians.

The winner of this music contest not only received great attention from media but he was given the opportunity to participate in many important Italian music festivals and events (e.g. Rome’s 1° Maggio Concert and the Festival Show ) with his message on “road safety”.

In 2018 we launched a new provocative spot for our GUIDAeBASTA campaign.  We also involved many celebrities in our campaign to try to raise awareness on several road safety issues. Our supporters include the famous singer and songwriter Edoardo Bennato, TGcom24’s director Paolo Liguori and many athletes, singers and actors from the performing arts.  

A second spot was launched in 2018 thanks to a song performed by two outstanding artists: songwriter Carlo Fava, who also composed the music, and journalist  Paolo Liguori. With delicate humor, at the rhythm of Bossa nova, a story is told of a life that has ended because of a long list of bad habits while driving. We also made a music video to promote this song staring actor Lele Vannoli who, with bitter irony, “sings” the terrible consequences of dangerous habits while driving.

A campaign to deliver zero tolerance for impaired and distracted driving including the menace of drink and drug driving, distractions and tiredness.

In 2019 our campaign continues in order to raise awareness among the public and stop road deaths and injuries, making our communities safer.

At the end of last year we launched a Rap&Trap music contest (www.sicurezzastradaleinmusica) on road safety with Radio Italia and Universal Music Italy. The selected finalists will participate at a closing event in Spring 2019 with jury members from the music business, including special guest, rapper and producer, Fedez!  The winner will also see his song distributed by record label Virgin Records (Universal Music group).

This year we are also going to launch many other initiatives and participate at events and festivals in order to keep on promoting our road safety and safe driving awareness campaigns.

To watch some of our spots on road safety please visit our Youtube playlists at –