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CEO and General Manager


Picture of Massimo Simonini ANAS' CEO and General ManagerMassimo Simonini became Anas’ Chief Executive Officer and General Manager on 21 December 2018. 

Simonini has held various positions in our company over the years and has worked in all of our strategic business areas such as: design of new works, network planned maintenace, territorial and emergency management. His professional career and experiences determined the acquisition of outstanding in-depth knowledge of our business and corporate dynamics.

During his last experience, as Lead Manager of “Bridges, Viaducts and Tunnels” in the Operations and Territorial Coordination Department, Simonini played a key role in developing our company's new approach towards network management, which focuses on performing "scheduled" maintenance works and on the digitalisation of surveillance and monitoring activities on our road infrastructure. This new approach to road management constitutes a strategic turning point for our company.

Other extremely significant professional experiences were acquired during the Flood Emergency in Sardegna in 2013, when he was Coordinator of the "Extraordinary Commissioner’s Support Unit" nominated by the government, and as Head of Anas’ Extraordinary Maintenance Program with regards to the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. In this last role Simonini managed maintenance plans for over 950 million euro and over 500 operations.

Before working for Anas Simonini was a self employed manager that worked in the design, supervision and management of civil engineering projects. He also collaborated with several private companies and Public Authorities for the construction of roads, railways, irrigation projects and public buildings.