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Friday, 8 March, 2019


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  • Project involves Service Areas on the A2 ‘Autostrada del Mediterraneo’, A19 ‘Palermo-Catania’, A90 ‘Grande Raccordo Anulare di Roma’ e A91 ‘Autostrada Roma-Aeroporto Fiumicino’
  • Electric vehicle charging is already available at the “Selva Candida Esterna” Service Area on Rome’s Grande Raccordo Anulare (GRA) motorway link
  • Simonini (Anas Chief Executive Officer ): “We are committed to develop the National Plan for electric vehicles and sustainable mobility for the reduction of fine dust emissions”
  • Gemme (Anas president): “Attention is growing towards the environment and sustainability: at our service areas ecological for exhaust oils”


Rome, January 24 2019


Anas (FS Italiane Group) has launched a project for the installation of column charging points for electric vehicles at Service Areas on motorways we manage directly throughout Italy.

The contract notice that will award Service Area contracts, that include fast charging columns for electric vehicles  on the A2 ‘Autostrada del Mediterraneo’, the A19 ‘Palermo-Catania’ and on 10 Service Areas along the A90 ‘Grande Raccordo Anulare (GRA) di Roma’ and the  A91 ‘Roma-Aeroporto Fiumicino’, has been published.

At the moment, electric charging stations are available at the” Selva Candida Esterna” Service Area on Rome’s GRA, one of the busiest arteries in Italy with peaks of 168,000 vehicles a day.   

The recharging facilities for electric vehicles on the GRA and on the A91 ‘Roma-Aeroporto Fiumicino’ motorway completes a process that falls under the “Plan for the rationalization of the network of motorway service areas “ (Inter-ministerial decree MIT/MISE of August 7 2015) that our company has worked on for over two years. Our objective is to introduce electric vehicle charging stations at all of the Service Areas awarded with contracts on the motorways we directly manage (in total: 41 service areas).

“This project” – said Anas CEO Massimo Simonini – “confirms our commitment to develop the National Plan for electric and sustainable mobility and contributes to reduce fine dust emissions, in accordance with European laws, with positive and significant effects in terms of improving air quality, especially in large cities”.

Tender notices for “oil services” at our Station Areas include provisions that ask concessionaires not only to provide conventional fuels (gasoline, gasoil), but also fast electric vehicle charging stations and appropriate natural gas or LPG stations (where it is technically feasible).

In particular, as far as electric vehicle charge points are concerned, the tender notice requires “multi standard” column charging points that combine standard charging plugs and systems that charge rapidly.  These stations must also be equipped with modems that connect to management software, payment platforms or network management systems with smart grid technologies. The adopted technologies must always be safe, reliable, cost-efficient and able to support standard protocols and interfaces.

“This project  shows the growing attention Anas pays to sustainability and environmental issues” - said Anas president Claudio Andrea Gemme – “in line with the more advanced standards for environmental protection. It also is tightly connected to another of our projects: the ecological islands at our Service Areas for spent oils.  The tender procedures that award contracts for the provision of refuling/recharging services at our Service Areas  positively evaluate offers that adopt innovative environmental measures and policies. For example, waste produced in our new Service Areas will be stored in an ecologic island with waste bins for separate collection and special tanks to collect exhaust oils.