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Network maintenance and care

We take care of our road and motorway network, and this primarily means road maintenance.

Since 2015 our strategy aims at enhancing existing road infrastructures, including bridges and tunnels, which are our main assets.

Our 2016-2020 Multi-year Investment plan focuses on “special maintenance” works, thanks to a new approach based on a renewed vision of road management that concentrates on planning actions according to performance targets and standardized risk scenarios.

Through a planned maintenance program we want to overcome the “logic of emergency or systematic operations” with a new approach that considers each infrastructure’s characteristics and takes actions that prevent safety issues and guarantee our networks comfort and efficiency.

This new way of planning special maintenance works produces direct benefits for road users, in terms of the quality of services and the “continuity” of  the road and motorway infrastructure network,  and for society on the whole, in terms of cost containment and enhancement of existing assets.